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Angela Allan

Episode 4 | Chat Marketing Podcast

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Episode 04: Angela Allan

Angela Allan is the founder of an award-winning chat marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, that helps clients win more business and outsmart  their competition. She’s also a conversion copywriter whose sales page for Matthew Hussey resulted in 44% more sign-ups, and her strategies have helped countless clients land six-figure deals. Angela has been featured on School of Bots,, and the ManyChat blog.

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About The Host

Dan started this podcast to help businesses better grasp the opportunities and possibilities that lie in the chat marketing industry. By bringing insights and tips from the world's best chat marketing professionals, it is THE place to get the inside on word on how to have better conversations with your customers.

Dan has a background in digital marketing, focusing on the chat marketing space and founded marketing agency Organik Digital in 2015.