24 | Bringing Chatbot building to big brands around the globe

Nic Frachon is the Co-Founder of BotBuilders.com. Nic and his co-founder Matt Leitz have created a company that purely do bot building for some of the largest companies out there.


23 | Bringing Instagram automation to the chat marketing world

Mike Yan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Manychat, the world's largest Chat Marketing platform. In this episode we chat about the new introduction of Instagram automation to chat marketing.

22 | How this mum used Chat Marketing to find her voice

Kerri Carlile is a marketing automation nerd and love helping coaches and course creators get leads and sales 24/7 on autopilot. Messenger bots are where Kerri first fell in love with automation and now she also builds funnels and evergreen automations as well.

Ep 22 - Chat Marketing Podcast - Kerri Carlile

21 | Using personality and fun to expertly grow your brand

Kate Toon is an award-winning misfit entrepreneur, who works with small businesses and big brands to transform their online presence: through powerful SEO, captivating content and all the right digital marketing moves.

Kate Toon - Ep 21 Chat Marketing Podcast

20 | Using A.I to deliver the most personalised customer experience

Liziana Carter runs a full-service conversational A.I. agency, working exclusively with established Shopify brands in the beauty and fitness industry. They own the entire conversational marketing channel creation and its monthly growth, with the goal of providing the right digital infrastructure to accelerate revenue by delivering exceptional customer experience through 1-on-1 conversations at scale.

19 | How adversity and persistence created
the 'Bots Guy'

Craig stumbled across chat marketing in 2017 and dove head first into unlocking the capabilities and power of the space. Founder of MobileMonkey, Larry Kim approached him to help showcase better templates for the customers and Craig became an integral part of the team.

18 | Discovering Chatbots and changing your business

In 2020 Mel Eilers discovered Chatbots for the first time. From there she's used them to get results for clients, grow her marketing agency and continues to thrive in an uncertain world. Her story showcases how marketers are beginning to discover the power of Chat Marketing and how it can change the course of their business.

Mel Eilers - Chat Marketing Podcast

17 | The Accidental $100 Million Chat Marketing Agency

Manuel Suarez is the CEO of Attention Grabbing Media, a $100 Million agency that builds Chatbots for some of the biggest brands and entrepreneurs around the world. From building his own brand on Amazon and selling it for $20 Million in 2017, to an agency with over 80 staff - Manuel has used Chat Marketing to become one of the leaders in the industry.

Manuel Suarez - Chat Marketing Podcast

16 | Customer Centered Focus in Chat Marketing with Goran Nikolov

Goran Nikolov is the CEO of Roccad, ManyChat specialist & copywriter. He uses his experience to help local and small businesses grow through customer-based chat marketing.

15 | Schooling successful Chat Marketing agencies with Natasha Takahashi

Natasha Takahashi is the co-founder of School of Bots, where she has helped thousands of marketers and businesses get predictable, repeatable results with chatbots.

Episode 15 - Natasha Takahashi - Chat Marketing Podcast

14 | Growing the hospitality industry using Chat Marketing

Ryan Baggott is the founder of TapTheTable.io and a marketer with over a decade of experience in social media marketing. His background in hospitality and understanding their business needs has allowed him to create an all-in-one solution for the hospitality industry that integrates directly with Chat Marketing. 

13 | Helping businesses automate and scale with Chat Marketing

Danny Monzon is an automation specialist that co-founded DM digital. He uses chat marketing to build tailored automated systems for ecommerce and bricks & mortar businesses. His agency was named the emerging agency of the year at the 2020 Manychat Conversations Conference. 

Danny Monzon - Episode 13 - Chat Marketing Podcast

12 | Combining data with Chat Marketing to grow online sales on Amazon

Troy Johnston is an Amazon multimillionaire who is passionate about helping Amazon sellers automate their success through his platform, Seller.Tools. Troy has a proven track record of brand building and advising 8 and 9-figure brands looking to thrive on Amazon.

11 | Helping Amazon sellers scale and succeed

Michelle Barnum-Smith is the founder of Easybot.com. Michelle is the queen of Amazon Chatbots and has created a brand new tool to make it easier for Amazon sellers to integrate chat marketing in to their businesses. We chat about her rise to be one of the leaders in the Amazon marketing space and how she's balanced it with family and personal life plus the lessons she's learned along the way.

10 | Creating change - plus results - across a company with Chat Marketing

Trilce Jiron is the founder of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica, designed Interdepartmental Marketing. By providing communication channels that include both the client’s staff and top-tier managers, and uniting graphic design, marketing, sales, and customer support under one umbrella, she can brag about her company’s unbelievable results of up to 11,000% ROI and 100% retention rate.

Trilce Jiron

09 | Creating a tribe of nano-influencers using Chat Marketing

As founder and CEO of Chat Marketing University, Paul teaches Messenger marketing automation strategies which leverage ManyChat for product launching, ranking, list building, and review-generation to Amazon and eCommerce sellers. His new company, The Chat Agency, offers full-service chat marketing services including his proprietary nano-influencer framework.

Paul Baron The Chat Agency

08 | Creating profitable conversations in the wedding industry

Henry has been a wedding photographer since 2007, specializing in multi-cultural, faith, and ethnic weddings. In the past year, Henry started a chat marketing agency that helps wedding professionals, venues, and creative entrepreneurs successfully use chat marketing to generate leads and earn more while saving time. Henry is also a YouTuber, backpacker/hiker, and most importantly, a husband and father.

Henry Chen - Chat Marketing Podcast

07 | Building Manychat - the world’s #1 chat marketing business

Mike Yan, co-founder and CEO of ManyChat - the #1 Chat Marketing platform helping over 1 million businesses in 190 countries around the world revolutionize how they communicate with their customers. ManyChat enables businesses to leverage Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email for marketing, sales and support.

06 | Using Mobile Wallet and Chatbots to drive loyal customers

Rupert Samuel is the Co-Founder of Walletly, the number 1 Mobile Wallet Marketing platform. Walletly enables users to combine ManyChat flows with Mobile Wallet push notifications, opening up another communication channel.

05 | Tactics and strategies to generate traffic to your Chatbot

Lauren Petrullo is the founder of Mongoose Media, a full-service social media agency that helps convert social community fans into foot traffic that return for more.

04 | Copywriting to keep the conversation going

Angela Allan is the founder of an award-winning chat marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, that helps clients win more business and outsmart their competition. She’s also a conversion copywriter whose sales page for Matthew Hussey resulted in 44% more sign-ups, and her strategies have helped countless clients land six-figure deals. Angela has been featured on School of Bots, Sumo.com, and the ManyChat blog.

03 | Generating $250K using personality in your chatbot

Jason Swenk has literally written the book for growing an agency from nothing to two 8 figure agencies. He is one of the most sought out advisors to agencies in the World, by showing them an 8 system framework that worked for growing his agency, working with brands like AT&T, Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and eventually lead to selling his agency.

02 | Educating and growing the chatbot community

Kelly Noble Mirabella is an international speaker and sought after Messenger marketing educator with more than 14 years of social media and digital marketing experience.

01 | Getting Started - and excelling - in Chat Marketing with Mackensie Liberman

Mackensie Liberman is the Founder and CEO of Orca Marketology, a chatbot marketing agency focused on getting businesses leads, sales, and raving fans through Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots.