Discovering Chatbots and changing your business with Mel Eilers

Chat Marketing Podcast
Chat Marketing Podcast
Discovering Chatbots and changing your business with Mel Eilers

In 2020 Mel Eilers discovered Chatbots for the first time. From there she’s used them to get results for clients, grow her marketing agency and continues to thrive in an uncertain world. Her story showcases how marketers are beginning to discover the power of Chat Marketing and how it can change the course of their business. 

Mel Eilers is a Facebook Marketer and the founder of Socially Sound, based in the UK. Discovering ManyChat only last year was “like opening the doors to Aladdin’s cave”. But despite being a relative newcomer to chat marketing, she is regularly achieving CTR of over 80% for her clients. With her roots firmly in publishing and copywriting, Mel loves how the art of conversational marketing helps brands build their communities and boosts their conversion rates.

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