About Us

"This podcast goes behind the tactics to discover why and how the best chat marketers do what they do"

The Podcast.

  • The story behind the best experts from around the world.
  • Why they chose chat marketing and the impacts it's had on their business.
  • How they've overcome their challenges to lift the whole industry up.

The Chat Marketing podcast was created to tell the story behind how chat marketers became experts in the space. By introducing their story and how they've overcome the challenges, businesses can learn to better use chat marketing in their industry.

By bringing insights and tips from the world's best chat marketing professionals, this podcast is THE place to get the inside on word on how to have better conversations with your customers.

"I believe Chat Marketing is THE best way for businesses to build a personal relationship with their customers"

The Host.

Dan Pinne is the host and founder of the Chat Marketing Podcast. Dan started this podcast in 2020 to help businesses better grasp the opportunities and possibilities that lie in the chat marketing industry.

A passionate chat marketer himself, he knows the challenges that they face and asks the questions that you want to know as a listener to deliver the best quality interviews for you to learn from.

He is also a digital marketing expert, founder of Organik Digital, a chat marketing agency specialising in helping businesses have better conversations with their customers.