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Learn how to have more profitable conversations with your customers. Get the latest tips, tactics and strategies from the world's best in the chat marketing space.


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What to expect from the Chat Marketing Podcast

An industry leading podcast covering the best tactics and strategies to help you have better conversations with your customers.

Tactics and Tips

The latest tactics being used by successful chat marketers around the world.

Industry Leaders

Learn directly from the world's best chat marketers with value packed tips and insights.

Powerful Interviews

Expertly interviewed to draw the best information out of the guest directly to you - the listener

Latest Episodes

12 | Combining data with Chat Marketing to grow online sales on Amazon

Troy Johnston is an Amazon multimillionaire who is passionate about helping Amazon sellers automate their success through his platform, Seller.Tools. Troy has a proven track record of brand building and advising 8 and 9-figure brands looking to thrive on Amazon.


11 - Helping Amazon sellers scale and succeed

Michelle Barnum-Smith is the founder of Michelle is the queen of Amazon Chatbots and has created a brand new tool to make it easier for Amazon sellers to integrate chat marketing in to their businesses. We chat about her rise to be one of the leaders in the Amazon marketing space and how she's balanced it with family and personal life plus the lessons she's learned along the way.

10 | Creating change - plus results - across a company with Chat Marketing

Founder of TBS Marketing in Costa Rica, designed Interdepartmental Marketing. By providing communication channels that include both the client’s staff and top-tier managers, and uniting graphic design, marketing, sales, and customer support under one umbrella, she can brag about her company’s unbelievable results of up to 11,000% ROI and 100% retention rate.

Trilce Jiron